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Convergent Technology was born when a group of likeminded It professionals came together envisioning a one-stop platform for all technical and business requirements. Our founders realised how crucial technology is for developing firms and how finding all such quality services under one roof is still a tedious task.


Unique Ideas

Our commitment makes us dream big, while our team acts on them every waking moment. This is what makes Convergent Technologies stand out.

Quality Services

With regular client interactions and promised on-time delivery, our services are assuredly the best in the industry.


Our unique and innovative solutions cover e-commerce sites, mobile applications, machine learning and cybersecurity solutions, performance and automation testing, passport and visa management, travel solutions, warehouse and HR management systems and business automation. And the best part, the list is still growing.


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From developing eCommerce sites to Mobile Applications, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity solutions to Performance and Automation testing, Passport and Visa Management to other Travel solutions, Warehouse and HR Management Systems to Business Automation, the list keeps growing. Now that you have landed here, let's get started.

  • Mobile Apps 95%
  • Travel Suites88%
  • eCommerce Solutions83%
  • Artificial Intelligence 91%
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Convergent has only ever seen a steep upward curve, thanks to our clients. From developing e-commerce sites to mobile applications machine learning and cybersecurity solutions to performance and automation testing, passport and visa management to other travel solutions, warehouse and HR management systems to business automation, the list keeps growing.


Technicalities of the IT converges into the healthcare sector at Convergent Technologies. While we claim to provide the best healthcare solutions ranging from patients to doctors and pharmaceutical laboratories, our wide range of services surely speaks a lot.

Travel, Leisure and Aviation

Convergent's Travel Solutions comes packed with an exhaustive range of services that are the best and most pocket friendly in the industry. Our solutions are compatible with both your business and client needs in a more comprehensive way.

Visa Automation

Modern travel technologies have taken over the world and so has the need for the Visa Automation. We at Convergent provide efficient click and proceed integrations for visa generation.

eCommerce & mCommerce

There is no better way to get your business started than designing the perfect interactive websites for your clients. Check out PrestaShop, Magento and Opencart